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Friday, June 27, 2014

Surprise, Surprise… Butter is Okay!

TIME Magazine cover story, June 23, 2014: “Eat Butter.”
This article was largely precipitated by a new book The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, that dispels the myth that fat-in-our-food is unhealthy. This review of the history of fat-in-food-phobia bullet-points the lies and misconceptions forced upon the American people since the invented research of Dr. Ancel Keys who delusionally proclaimed fat as dangerous to our health back in the 1950s.
The six decade failings of the FDA and USDA to flush out the fallacy of these claims, and the readiness of Big Agra and Big Pharm to capitalize on the lie are revealed summarily in the TIME piece, and, I’m sure, in close detail in Ms. Teicholz book, which I have not YET read, but will.
So, do we have to wait another sixty years until other government-underwritten falsehoods are debunked, perhaps about fluoride in drinking water, or aspartame as a weight-loss tool?

Below is an excerpt from the first two editions, 2011 and 2012, of my book HARD! Maintaining Potency, Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction, and Enjoying Healthy Sex for Life. This particular section about butter has been eliminated from the 3rd edition, soon to be released. I've added sufficient new material that the omission of topics not directly related to erectile function was necessary to avoid bloating the presentation which is--and always will be--a straight-forward conversation that is easy to read, understand and implement.

I preserve it here to entice you to read HARD! which includes many tips on promoting erectile function--and health in general--that may also be ahead of their "TIME." Why wait for them to catch up to me?
Butter versus Any and All Butter Substitutes
Use butter. Organic butter. End of conversation.
Okay, I’ll explain if you insist. Butter is not unhealthy. Even if you have a cholesterol problem, if you’re not using too much butter – a pound at a time as some TV cooks suggest – then the miniscule amount of cholesterol you’ll get from it will do very little harm compared to butter substitutes.
Butter just tastes better and you can use less of it to get the flavor you want whether you’re melting some on your broccoli or asparagus, or using it in a recipe. Anyone that really can’t believe that any one of the substitutes is not butter is someone that uses battery acid for mouthwash. It’s just stupid. And if they’ll lie to you about that, they’ll lie to you about it being healthier than butter.
Margarine, for one, is nutritionally void. It doesn’t contain the spectrum of vitamins that are found in good quality butter – quality a key consideration. Margarine starts out as refined vegetable oil, and then subjected to a highly industrial-chemical process which kills all of its nutritional value. This includes hydrogenation to harden it. Hydrogenated as in “partially hydrogenated oil.” These are the trans-fats that are being banned from fast food restaurants!
Butter is closer to nature. It is prepared by churning the cream that rises to the top of milk when it is allowed to sit for a while. That’s it. Just let it sit. Our ancestors figured this out thousands of years ago. They churned it up with no additives whatsoever, and got healthy, tasty butter. Back then, it was all organic.
Why organic? Organic butter is readily accessible in most supermarkets. It’s a bit more expensive, but any chance to cut down on the antibiotics and hormones that are present in dairy products is to your advantage.
Hey, only 4% of the cholesterol in your blood is a result of what you eat. Your body produces all the rest. If you were willing to forgo using butter to cut down on cholesterol, there are other places to do that.
And finally, butter is like the feel of a woman’s skin; there is no substitute.

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