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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nexride “Noseless” Bike Seat Review Gets 4-1/2 Stars

In this blog, I deal with many issues concerning men’s health, with an emphasis on eliminating or preventing Erectile Dysfunction. Back in April, 2011, I posted a discussion warning men how a bad-fitting bicycle seat can injure vessels and nerves essential to erectile function. I pointed out that the nerves that lead to a woman’s most important erogenous organ – her clitoris – also run between the legs and these, too, can be damaged by sliding forward on a conventional bike seat. So, this issue is universal.

I ride about twenty miles, five or six days a week. I’m not a power rider. I spend about an hour and a half road-cycling the treacherous streets of Palm Beach County, Florida. About half my usual route is on the street proper, the other half along broad, well-paved pedestrian paths. Yesterday, I saw a 6-foot alligator in one of the canals. It’s a beautiful ride.

In January, I received an email from Karl Ulrich at Nexride. Keeping up with issues that relate to his business, he had come across my blog posting. He offered me a seat for evaluation. Always willing to take something for nothing, I sent him my address and received the saddle a few days later. Unsure as to whether I needed the new seat, it sat in my garage for a month until I finally installed it. It took me about 6 minutes with 1 tool. For the past week, I’ve been riding with my Nexride.

I was aware and always careful to keep myself up on my pelvic bones – the ischial tuberosities – which are designed by nature to support our weight. The area between genitals and anus – the perineum – is not. It is through this channel – adjacent to the pelvic arch – that the nerves and blood vessels travel from spine to penis/clitoris. Even mild pressure, including through padded biking shorts, can irritate nerves and reduce sensation (men and women), and in men, the irritation of the blood vessels can reduce blood flow and impact one’s potency.

I was aware, as I’ve said, but that doesn’t mean I was truly protecting myself. Five minutes out on my Nexride, I realized that, in spite of my best efforts, I had been terribly abusing my man machine. I said out loud, “Wow! I’m sold.”

Nexride is the bicycle equivalent of going Commando. It is liberating, allowing a level of comfort that I could not have imagined. The seat is not wide, but even for a large-boned guy like me, it supports at those pelvic protuberances perfectly.

Much of my ride is on well paved roads and paths, but some of it is not. There’s the occasional curb-cut, and poorly paved pothole. With Nexride, bumps are not transmitted through to my gonads – no more jolts to the jewels. It was at those moments that I understood that even though I tried not to slide forward on my conventional seat, to some degree I still was.

The Nexride seat swivels, so there is no interference with leg motion. Because I am not a professional rider – not expertly trained – I found myself spreading my legs wide around the “nose” of my conventional bike seat, losing power and increasing exertion.  Without the “nose” my legs face straight forward. I get more efficiency out of every stroke, and there is less strain on my aging hips and knees.

Reality check: Be prepared to adjust the seat several times on that first ride. Because the mount is a little different, you won’t be able to eyeball the positioning. Static sitting, or a quick circle around the driveway isn’t going to work either. Ride a mile or so, then stop, make the adjustment, and continue on. Once you find the “sweet spot” you shouldn’t have to do that again.

Also, it took me a couple of rides to get used to the pressure on those pelvic bones... another demonstration that I was not seated properly on my previous seat. And it just feels different. You must allow yourself two or three rides just to become accustomed to the feel of the seat. Once past the “getting used to it” stage, it’s the most natural ride in the world.

Bottom line: The overall experience is terrific, and I would be loath to go back to a conventional seat.

So, why only 4-1/2 stars (out of 5)? 

First, in reviewing Nexride’s web site, I had to read “Noseless” three times. I thought it said “Noiseless.” Didn’t make sense to me. I always called that thing a “Tongue.” Okay, that’s a bit of wishful thinking, but it cost them a quarter of a point. 
Second, I don’t give anything 5 stars, except for Monique G., a French-Canadian woman with whom  I spent a glorious week back about 1975 (yeah, I’m that old). Monique, if you’re out there...

Note: take a close look at the name. It’s  N  E  X  R  I  D  E. There's no “T” in there.

Rating: Nexride gets top marks and my highest recommendation. 

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