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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bicycling & ED: A bad fitting seat can do you damage

An excerpt from my book; just one of many suggestions on how to prolong your sex life:

As long as we're discussing nerves and neural connections that bring good things to life, let's talk cycling. Especially if you're an enthusiast that spends hours each week spinning over hill and dale, but even if you're just a casual weekend rider, beware the damage you may be doing to yourself due to a poorly positioned or badly fitting bicycle seat.

Your perineum is that area between your anus and your scrotum (vagina in women). Through that thin area run the dorsal artery of the penis, the deep artery of the penis and the dorsal nerve of the penis. For women, the dorsal nerve of the clitoris replaces its male analog, so advise your ladies of this issue as well.

These blood vessels and nerves can be squeezed tightly and potentially damaged when they are compressed between the bicycle seat and the pubic arch of the pelvis. As an avid rider in my younger days, I remember having my dick go completely numb due to restricted blood flow; there were fewer options in those days.

I'm back to frequent riding again; it's my primary exercise and I truly enjoy it. The first time I got back on the saddle, however, I could feel that uncomfortable pressure between my legs. But now, I had the savvy to go directly to the local bike shop, describe my discomfort and – voila – $36 dollars later, I had a comfortable seat installed and I was out the door.

The key is to use a seat that supports you on your Ischial Tuberosities – the two protruding parts of your pelvis. When cycling, you don't sit on your butt cheeks as you do when in a lounge chair. On a bicycle, your body is supported at these bones. A poorly fitting seat that is too narrow or positioned badly will slip you forward so the saddle is sliding up between your legs and supporting you at the pubic arch; this puts pressure on the arteries and nerves that go directly to the guy – to repeat – this can crush the vessels and nerves that go directly to your pecker under the entire weight of your body. Got it Lance?

Prolonged abuse can cause permanent damage to the arteries, nerves or both. This is the kind of erectile dysfunction that you really don't want to have – physical injury to the apparatus.

Read my February 2012 review of the Nexride "Noseless" bicycle seat here.

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